Modern Architecture of Trogir

Exhibition catalogue
ISBN: 978-953-58895-3-3
128 pages

Authors: Lidija Butković Mićin with the support of the Motel Trogir team
Publishers: Association for Contemporary Art Practices - Loose Associations; Society for the Protection of Cultural Property of Trogir - Radovan

The inclusion of the former “Sljeme” motel designed by architect Ivan Vitić on the list of the protected cultural goods of the Republic of Croatia in 2013 was a great step forward in terms of the public valuation of the modern architecture of the Trogir area, as well as with regard to raising awareness of the need for systematic research and preservation of this part of the architectural legacy. This exhibition project was motivated by a desire to add a broader perspective to the ongoing public dialogue about the future of Vitić’s work, as well as put in further effort towards mapping the coordinates of Trogir’s significant urban development after World War II.