Micropolitics 2018
— Herirage From Below

Organised by BLOK, Zagreb
Programme Editor: Sanja Horvatinčić

The Micropolitics programme was launched in 2005, and has been running continuously since then, introducing the local public with socially engaged art practices, critical curatorial positions and artistic institutions insisting on more democratic production.

The title of Micropolitics seminar "Herirage From Below" is a syntagm borrowed from historian Ian J. Robertson. Robertson defines heritage as “people – collectivity and individuals – and their sense of inheritance from the past and the uses to which this sense of inheritance is put”. The concept of heritage from below, according to Robertson, stems from the presumption that, although it is not a financially independent process, “there exist uses of the past in the present that are only minimally related to the economic and that such uses can function as cultural resources for counter hegemonic expressions”. His critique of contemporary academic production related to the theory of heritage, on the other hand, is based on the assumption that the aforementioned production is “seduced, more often than not, by the nationalist, top-down, commercial and tourism-focussed perspectives of the mainstream manifestations of heritage that together constitute a hegemonic discourse”. The lectures in seminar seek to define the ways in which the acceptance of the above and similar critical interpretations of heritage is manifested in different European settings, various disciplines that traditionally deal with the interpretation and mediation of the knowledge of past cultures (archaeology, art history, museology), and the possibilities of conceptualising heritage from below under the conditions of neoliberal capitalism.