Catamaran Art
2018 / 2019

Publisher: Museum of Fine Arts, Split
Editors: Božo Majstorović and Marija Plenković

Catamaran Art is an exhibition program, more precisely a cycle of three exhibitions from June to August, taking place in Jelsa and Split. The name itself is referring to one of the busiest catamaran lines on the Adriatic, Split - Jelsa, which transports thousands of passengers throughout the year, especially in the summer months. The circulation of people and goods is primarily related to tourism and everyday life of the local population. On the other hand, Catamaran Art strives to update the third, equally important dimension of travel - trading ideas, especially artistic ideas. The project recognizes the obligation of the regional center and its umbrella museum institution to support artistic life in a wider environment, and it takes into account the desire and the need of a smaller community to participate actively in this life.