Juraj Dobrović
— catalogue

Jelsa Municipal Museum
Museum of Fine Arts, Split

Exhibition curator:
Božo Majstorović

The exhibition of artworks by Juraj Dobrović is a joint project of the Museum of Fine Arts in Split and the Jelsa Municipal Museum. It is a specific exhibition that takes place at two addresses at the same time and its seeds have been sown by the artist himself: with his donations, Juraj Dobrović has connected the two museum institutions and encouraged them to collaborate. In 2006, he donated an impressive collection of 94 of his works to the Museum of Fine Arts in Split, and in 2010 he donated his family house with authentic furniture and over 200 objects of cultural and historical significance to his native town of Jelsa, adding a collection of 60 of his artworks. Feeling, on the one hand, a moral debt to the donor, and on the other, a professional obligation to appropriately document and present these artistically extremely valuable exhibits, the two museums have decided to join forces in the realization of an exhibition and a catalogue that includes both donations. The collaboration has created an opportunity for exchanging artworks and the two exhibitions provide a complete cross-section of Dobrović’s work.