39th Split Salon, 2016.

Organised by: Croatian Association of Visual Artists, Split
Conception: Božo Kesić, Dalibor Prančević, Boris Šitum

The Split Salon is an art event existing since 1969 and, at a different pace and in different formats, lasting until this day. In the past 15 years it has finally reached its current biennial rhythm. The theme of the 39th Split Salon, with the title "Prikazi podijeljenosti / Representations of Split", was marked by the connection between Split and the division as one of the dominant traits of the community.

Referring to the Salon theme, the catalogue was divided into four publications which, depending on the content, function as separate entities: introduction and the Salon concept, transcripts of interviews with the artists, displayed works and texts made at workshops and taken from the media, related to the 39th Split Salon. Finally, the publications are bound together with a joint cover, making them compact (unified) product.